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About our judging practices 


For more than 30 years I've been judging and organizing car shows. At just about every show I have ever been involved with there is at least one person who who believes his or her car should have beaten another car in their class. Now I won't say mistakes never happen, however most times that's not the case. I've talked about this at lectures in the past and the best way to explain it is that you may  be looking at the paint job for example. We however are looking at the entire vehicle: Body and paint, interior, trim, under carriage, engine compartment, etc. Now you may have a better paint job but your opponent may have scored higher on several other catagories. That said if at any of our events you feel you have legitimately not recieved the score your car deserved or did not place where you should have please let us know. We will gladly look over the scores in your class. Like I said despite our best efforts, mistakes do happen. So don't leave mad, find one of our senior judges, or Amy or myself and we will make every effort to correct any mistakes that may have occured. This is very imporant to us. We strive to make our judging the most fair it can possibly be. 


At our events you will see some young associate judges working with senior judges. We have sometimes heard people say that their car was judged by someone to young to know anything about cars. This is absolutely not the case. We always judge in groups just for this reason. 


Lastly we don't ever want anyone to say they did not place due to nepotism. Over the years Amy, myself and many of our judges have become friendly with many of the people who attend our shows. That said, we still want to be impartial. All of our judges have been instructed to step down from judging any class that has anyone that they may have a personal relationship with. 


So I hope this clears up any questions you may have conserning judging and don't forget if you ask, we will always make arangements to go over your judging sheet and your car with you so you can be better prepared for the next show. 

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