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Memorial Awards 

The hobby of classic cars is one that builds ever lasting friendships. When we lose someone who has become like family through the hobby we hope we wil be able to continue to honor and remember them year after year. 

The Jerry Lotz Memorial 
Judges Choice Award 


I first met Jerry while we were both members of the Long Island Chevy Owners Association in the mid 80's.  Pro Street cars were the latest wave in custum cars. The Chevy owners at the time were dead set against having pro street cars at their big show " The Original Chevy Showdown". Somehow Jerry convinced the club to make a class for the Pro Streeters. The day of the show in 1988 Jerry comes to me and some of the other members saying that he had just judged the best in show car. The Chevy Owners almost always pick a classic chevy for their best in show pick: a 57 convertible with over 29 options or a 58 hardtop with a 348 with tri power. Needless to say the club almost lost their minds when some of us ( Kenny Wells, Skip Bedell and myself ) went over to check out this Pro Steet car that Jerry insisted was the best in show. Sure enough this car was a knock out. A black 61 Vette with graphics. After much debate Tommy Vinciguerra went home with the 6' Best in Show trophy that's still in his living room. After leaving the Chevy Owners Jerry and myself went to work for Rich Oakly at Endless Summer Car Shows where Jerry was the Head Judge in charge of Pro Street and Race Cars.

Jerry was a great friend , all of us miss him very much so it's only fitting taht the Jerry Lotz memorial Award will always be given to a Pro Street or a Race car.  









The Gregory Poppie Jackson 
Coolest Car in the East 


A few years ago, I (Bob) was blessed with the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend that I had lost contact with, Greg Poppie Jackson. Sadly Poppie was killed in an ATV accident a few months later. These type of things make you appreciate family and friends that much more. As sad as i am to lose another friend I am very appreciative that  I got to hang out with him for a little while. At the Endless Summer Showdown in 2012 Poppie and his son came to the show with their El Camino and took home  "The coolest Car in the East". Since I was sponsor of this award, from now on it will be known as the Greg Poppie Jackson, Coolest Car in the East Award or "Poppie" for short. 

The Roy Mistretta Memorial Award

This award is something I (Amy) am honored to write about. Roy Mistretta was one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I started learning to judge when I was a little girl  and Roy was one of my mentors. He only judged one or two shows a year with us, but he was always there when you were in a pinch. It would be the early autumn when we were making sure we had all of our judges lined up for a charity show we judged every October. I would send out an email to judges and Roy was always the first to respond "Ok, Aims, no problem I'll be there" especially if it was a charity event, he never asked what was in it for him, it was always because of the love of the hobby and the friendship. We lost Roy last fall, not long before our big fall show we had been looking forward to working with him at. Now we remember him with this special award. 

This award is given to a restored muscle car. 

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