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Meet the judges and staff of Island Classic Car Shows and what they love about this hobby. 

Bob Ilardi
Bob has been the ultra car guy almost since birth. His mom likes to tell the story of a little boy sneaking into the garage to sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive his dad's 53 Ford Custom . But it was a white knuckle ride in his uncles 330 Horse Powered 67 Corvette  Coupe that sealed the deal. As a teenager Bob put together early Mustangs with his best friend Craig. Through all of life's up and downs  one constant was Bob's love of all things cars. In 2002 Bob teamed up with long time friend Tommy V to produce Ultra Rides TV, while still running car shows and raising a family. In 2004 Bob worked for  the Gliptone Car Care Product Company. After learning all of theproducts and procedures of detailing, Bob spent over a year as a factory rep working with detail shops , car dealers, and auction houses to improve their detailing programs. After coming back to judging in the early 2000's Bob and his daughter Amy created Island Classic Car Shows 
Amy Ilardi 


For as long as Amy can remember, cars and car shows have been a huge part of her life. Childhood memories included Sunday morning car shows, and heading to Tuesday night Cruise Nights in the back seat of her Dad's 1968 RSSS Camaro. She started to learn how to judge at her dad's side in the early 2000's and in 2011 when the local Mustang club hosted a National event, she ended up judging a class of 16 Late Model Specialty Mustangs. Now with Island Classic Car Shows starting up, Amy is so excited about this new chapter. 


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