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A True Survivor

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Does anyone know the most over used term in the car hobby? It's SURVIVOR.

I've been judging car shows since the eighties and at every single show there's always someone there to tell me that the reason they didn't fix something on their car is because it is a survivor. Let's clarify something, a survivor means it doesn't need to be repaired or restored. Just my opinion but if your car needs new quarter panels it's not a survivor it's just an old car that needs a restoration. Here are some pictures of what a survivor should look like. It has a few minor scratches but otherwise the car is really nice. Every stitch of upholstery is original, it's never been hit or repaired, and it has 26,000 miles on it. he has all the paperwork on the car as well as a log book showing every oil change and tire rotation. The coolest thing is the owner has pictures of himself as a little boy sitting in his dad's Camaro, and now has pictures of his son sitting in it.

#car #survivor #camaro #longisland

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