Finally the sun has come out here in the East, and the collector car hobby is heating up quickly. One of my good friends Phil just brought one of the coolest 57 Chevy's I have ever laid my eyes on. My other friend John has just completed his chassis for his latest project, a 33 Ford fendorless pick up and is just waiting for the body & bed to come back from the paint shop. At our house Amy's little Mustang II Ghia is starting together. Paint is done, headiner finished, opera window trim are at the plater, 4 weeks out . As soon as we get the trim pieces back we can finish the assembly. Needless to say Amy's getting very excited.

On another note I got to see my friend Jimmy's 69 Camaro SS Survivor in person. Wow . The thing is really nice. Check out the photos I took.

Kiwi popsicle


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